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Artist Beauty & Day Spa Promotion massage.! 590 Baht/2Hrs. For…Back,Shoulder,Head massage & Traditional thai massage & Foot massage. Promotion Spa package ! Buy 1 get 1 for all regular spa packages. Sometimes we just need to escape from our environment and forget about the stresses that surround you of the daily life.In this case, come to Artist Beauty & Day Spa and let us pamper you for a few hours. Artist Beauty & Day Spa provides women and men with a pleasant aroma atmosphere, comfortable and clean place, let usl make you feel totally relaxing from head to toe of the spa experience. Treat your body to one of our spa packages soothing care, And our wide-ranging treatments: Facial treatment, body scrub, body warp, foot, back, shoulder, head massage, herbal steam, herbal bath, mineral milk bath and many more. We can help you to forget about your stresses, Body treatment and massage can melt away your anxiety and rejuvenate your spirit to face another day. We offer individual service in a clean, unique and comfortable environment. We will prepare your body, mind and soul for total relaxation and tranquility . Men and women are equally welcome to our spa. You will be pampered with quality products, kinds of local Thai herbs and attentive therapists. Ms. Prarina Khamlueang is the Owner / Manager of Artist Beauty & Day Spa and she has experience running the spa since 1997.There are two self-contained private rooms, each with its own steam, bath and shower. You can receive


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