Skin care creams are not just for women anymore. More and more men are taking advantage of the efficacy of skin care products in order to turn back the hands of time and make themselves look like they are in their 20’s, or 30’s. But the kings, or more to the point – queens, of skin care creams are women. Women use skin cream every day of their lives and each time they emerge from their showers, they love to moisturize and keep their bodies smooth and supple.

Moisturizing is one of the single best things you can do for your skin as you grow older. After age 25, your body stops producing as many new cells as your cells die off. The result is a deficit in new cells which eventually leads to age related maladies. The skin is no different. So keeping the cells moisturized means that you will keep the skins cells from being damaged and replaced as easily and you will keep your skin looking younger, longer.

Exfoliating is also a means to remove the dead skin cells from your skin. Even with moisturizing everyday the outer layer of skin will still end up dying off as you age. Removing these cells means that you will remove the skin that makes you look older and also causes sagging and wrinkles.

Keeping your skin moisturized and exfoliated on a regular basis will go a long way to help you look younger and feel better. You will enjoy the new you if you keep your skin looking new also.

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