Everyone wants to look beautiful and young. There are many factors which are responsible for make our skin look dull and lifeless. Some common factors include sun exposure, premature aging, pollution, diet and lifestyle. It is really very essential to make a proper skin care regimen to get rid of skin related problems. Here are some easy skin care tips for you.

First of all, try to make your face neat and clean using a mild soap such as ivory or any other herbal face wash. Try to avoid a deodorant or strong soap on your facial skin and always use cold water for final rinse. Also, do not forget to deep cleanse you face, once or twice a week. Use a slightly wet washcloth and cleanse your face using circular motion. This will give you a clean glowing skin. Now, pat dry your skin and use a good quality moisturizing lotion.

Do not forget to use a good quality sunscreen with SPF (Sun Protection Factor) 15. Try to go for aloe and moisturizer based sunscreen for better results. Before applying a shaving cream, coat your face with a thin stream of hot water and use cold water to rinse your face.

A healthy is very essential to achieve a healthy looking skin. Include plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables in to your diet menu. Also, take multivitamins on a regular basis. Try to avoid greasy and fried food as much as possible. Make a regular exercise routine to naturally detoxify your body.  Apart for these tips, increase your water intake. Water is one of the best foods for your skin. Stay away from dehydration causing substances such as coffee and alcohol.  

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