Skin Care Products and Regimen

Hi everyone! I wanted to fill you in on the different skin care products i’ve been trying and experimenting with. I don’t want to fully focus on the routine since everyone has unique skin and there are so many ways to treat it. Please don’t take this video as encouragement to follow the same routine and use the same products I do. Since I am so experimental, I already plan on trying a different and perhaps much more natural routine very soon. You will notice that I went a little product crazy in the past several months but that is just so I can test different things out.
Skin type: Combination/Oily but mostly Oily now with a lot of large and congested pores.
I used to hate having oily skin but now I embrace it. I treat my skin by ridding it of dead skin cell build up and hydrating internally and topically.
Don’t use harsh products or over-dry your skin even if it’s oily. It will only cause it to be more oily. It is important to find the balance that your skin needs and it does take a bit of trial and error.

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