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Supplement daily skin care routine with a monthly household face. It cleans deep into pores, softens skin and temporarily increase circulation and give your complexion a healthy glow. It should not be used, but if you suffer from acne. Step 2 steam treatment is used only for a few seconds to make your skin more receptive to the face. However, it is not suitable for all, broken capillaries or broken skin (in particular, who suffer from sunburn, pustules, rashes, open sores, cold sores, rosacea, or psoriasis).

Items needed:

– Cleaner

– Cloth

– Facial sauna and a large bowl,

– A large towel

– Blackhead extractor

– Loupe

– Cotton wool buds

– Surgical Spirit

– Conditioning Cream

– Cotton wool squares

– Kaolin mask, which consists of the following: 5 ml / 1 tsp fuller’s earth or kaolin powder (available at pharmacies), mixed with a small amount of distilled water in a cream-like consistency

– 6mm / ¼-inch paintbrush

– Eye Lotion

– Stats

– Moisturizing Cream

Step 1

Clean your face and neck thoroughly cleaner. Wipe them with a tissue.

Step 2

To face the heat bath, or add some hot water into the bowl, then keep your head above water vapor. Cover with a towel. You have to stay within a couple of only a few seconds to soften the skin.

Step 3

Dry skin with a tissue. Holding one hand and tissues using a blackhead extractor position in densely hole pairs, and press gently. The oil obsolete plugs come out through the extraction hole.
Do not click through the site. Work your way around the face, using a magnifying glass to find small blocked pores. T-panel, the center will be a major problem in the field, but you should also check around the ears. When the process is complete, the treatment of each spot individually by dabbing a cotton bud soaked in surgical spirit.

Step 4

Take the air conditioner and cream with your fingers, starting from the neck, working up and over the neck and face. Use slow, circular motions and work around the eyes. Put down the whole forehead, and then repeat the process again, working from the neck up. Blot with a tissue and, using cotton wool pads soaked in lukewarm water to remove excess lotion from the neck and face.

Step 5

Add to masks, as described above, and brush with cream, apply it over your face and neck. Kaolin and fuller’s earth to unblock pores and degreasing effects. Place a cotton pad soaked in the eye cream over each eye and rest for ten minutes with a mask for your skin. It is best if you take a kitchen timer with you that you have a chance to relax.

Step 6

After ten minutes, rinse with warm water and pat the mask on your face and neck dry with a soft towel. Apply a little moisturizer to the neck and outer edges of the face.

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