Many of us live our daily lives without ever giving an ounce of thought to the skin care cream that we use. We may just go the store pick pout some skin care moisturizer cream because we saw a commercial or an ad or maybe because it’s on sale.

Whatever the reason there is more to understanding skin care cream than you may have realized.

For instance, no matter how much a skin care moisturizer cream is on sale, if the ingredients are collagen and elastin, you wasted your money.

You see collagen and elastin are buzz words for the skincare industry that leads to big sales but little results for consumers.

Every year millions and millions of dollars are poured into an industry that is built around a lie.

What is this lie?

Let me first explain a little about collagen and elastin to give you a better understanding of this lie perpetuated by the skincare companies.

When we were kids and infants, our bodies produced this fibrous protein called collagen. Now collagen is considered the glue that keeps the body together and helps to keep our skin elastic and youthful.

Now as our bodies age, we produce less and less collagen, which creates this rippling effect where the signs of our aging pop up, such as age spots, sags, fine lines and wrinkles.

Since the logical assumption one would make, and I did to for a long time, would be to buy skin care cream that has collagen as an ingredients.

What the skincare companies fail to tell us is that collagen from a molecular level is simply to big to penetrate our skin.

In fact even if collagen could penetrate our skin, there would still be no benefit because the complexity is such that our body can’t replicate it’s properties.

So the only way to gain any benefit would be to have the body produce it’s own collagen.

Fortunately, thanks to the wonders of the internet, I came across a company in New Zealand that derived a substance from the wool of sheep, called Cynergy TK.

Cynergy TK has been clinically proven to jump start the bodies production of collagen and elastin.

In fact besides being able to stimulate the bodies own natural production of collagen and elastin, they were also able to regenerate brand new skin cells.

Besides Cynergy TK, there is another natural substance that you need to consider in your skin care cream that you probably won’t ever hear about and that is phytessence wakame.

This is harvested from the shores of Japan from a special type of sea kelp.
Have you ever noticed how beautiful the complexion of Japanese women are, I have.

These are just some of the natural substances that you are important to find in skin care creams. They will help turn back the hands of time.

Plus the fact that aging isn’t an option but now we have the option of old looking skin because these substances are finally available in the United States and Canada.

So your next step is to do yourself a favor and find more information about these natural substances that give your youthful appearance back.

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Jill is a long time user and passionate advocate of natural skin care. Visit her site now to discover what cutting edge solution is available for your, skin care cream needs plus what anti-aging skin care products she recommends after extensive research:

Insight Into Anti- Aging Skin Care

When does skin start to age. It is quite difficult to determine since it varies from person to person. Generally, the ability of the skin to retain water starts decreasing in the mid-20s. The oxygen level of the skin also goes down considerably. This results in the skin to start losing its natural health and radiance. However, this is quite early to start using anti-aging products.

Serious signs of aging start appearing in the 30s. This is when the skin starts losing its elasticity and its ability to produce collagen also decreases. The skin starts showing signs of aging with the formation of dry lines that are much deep and harder to remove. At this age, the skin becomes noticeably dull and more sensitive.

However, in your 40s, these signs of aging become prominent with the addition of age spots. There are special intensive anti-aging products and treatments that can be extremely effective.

Do You Need Anti-Aging Products In Mid 20s?

In the mid 20s, the skin exhibits some kind of changes like dryness and eruptions; however it’s still too early for an anti-aging treatment.

In the mid-20s, the skin starts losing its elasticity gradually and its ability to retain water also decreases. Treating such skin issues is easy by simply choosing an effective moisturizer. According to skin experts, the body starts losing vital oxygen that is transported to the cells.

It is important to use UV protection to prevent premature aging. It has been proved that 80% of skin problems are due to excessive

Anti Aging Ingredients In Skin Care Products In 30s

In 30s, the production of collagen decreases causing the formation of dry skin and wrinkles.
These lines are stubborn which also affects your complexion. Some other factors that contribute to skin aging are stress, free radicals, improper diet, lack of sleep and more.

When looking for anti-aging ingredients in skin care, look for the following features:
— products that moisturize and prevent loss of moisture
— improves skin radiance
— protects the skin cells against release of free radicals
— protection against UV light

The following ingredients will deliver the effects mentioned above:

Manuka Honey – Considered a wonder substance and is used in major skin care products nowadays. It is known for its absolutely natural cleansing and moisturizing effect. It works on fine lines and soothes them. When consumed locally prevents the release of free radicals in the body. When applied locally treats major skin problems like acne, blemishes, sunburns, cuts, inflammations, dryness etc.

Vitamin C – Perhaps the most crucial ingredient in any anti-aging skin care therapy. This natural substance is found in many fruits and vegetables. It is known for its amazing antioxidant properties, which make your skin appear refreshed and energized. It is believed that vitamin C reverses sun damage.

Vitamin E – This balances the skin hydration and moisture retention capability. It also induces collagen and improves skin elasticity.

Anti-Aging Products In 40s

In the 40s, the skin becomes comparatively thinner and more susceptible to wrinkles and damage by free radicals. The skin also starts to develop dark spots, freckles and discoloration of the skin which makes it appear uneven.

To prevent such disorders and treat these age related symptoms, you need to look for skin care products that provide the following properties:

— treats the collagen levels, initiating production and decreasing fine lines
— fighting dull skin and uneven complexion
— lightening age spots and preventing the reappearance of newer ones
— keeps the skin hydrated and moisturized

Anti-Aging Products For Women Above 50s

There is a marked decrease in estrogen and progesterone production which leads to even more thinning of the skin. The surface tends to become drier, paler and even more sensitive. Decreasing estrogen levels cause increase in collagen breakdown resulting in wrinkle formation and loss of moisture. This makes the skin lose its natural firmness which appears in sagging skin and loss of natural skin color.

During the 50s, your skin care goals are:

— prevent skin dryness
— balanced skin
— prevent and fight wrinkles
— counteract the causes of decreased estrogen levels

Accept The Fact That Skin Aging Is A Natural Process

Do not get obsessed to fight wrinkles since aging is natural and will show up in time. However, all we can do is look younger than our age and never overdo our skin care regime. With the hope of making it better most use chemical based, synthetic products that make matters worse.

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Stretched skin from face lifts, excessive Botox applications and beauty injectibles do not make you look younger but makes you appear unnatural and desperate. Consider natural skin care products for your skin regimen along with a proper diet intake to ensure that the aging process which is inevitable slows down considerably.

Studies show that the number one signal of aging is extreme dry skin. To be able to look youthful, customers mainly women will have to purchase anti-aging skin care products that are obtainable in almost every store.

The ideal anti-aging item to make use of depends on the situation of the skin but in most cases, probably the most practical one is the cream. This is simply because the skin can effortlessly soak up it. There are 3 kinds of creams. The very first is organic, then herbal and finally those made from synthetic components.

The herbal ones and these from natural items are very comparable because they both arrive from plants. The benefit of using one or even the other is that research have not shown any significant unwanted side effects. The one difference is that another kind includes a unique ingredient called collagen, which is used when there are a lot of wrinkles on the skin.

The third type, which is made from artificial ingredients, may also do some great but continues to be noted to cause some side effects. It’s best to verify with the dermatologist if it’s safe if the other two don’t work.

Sometimes utilizing anti-aging items are not sufficient. So, you can try utilizing moisturizers instead. Ideally, you’ll have to buy two sorts. 1 will probably be utilized in the morning and other before heading to bed.

Aging can also be brought on by as well a lot publicity towards the sun. This can be prevented by using a product which has UV safety. Most of these have other ingredients like Vitamin C and E, magnesium, titanium and zinc, which is also great for your physique.

Individuals also have the choice of using pills to handle anti-aging.
The only issue is that these things are costly. The price variety of those costs from $45 to $75 per month.

Those that are encountering the very first signs of aging are suggested to consult with a dermatologist prior to buying it from the shop or online. This is simply because some may have an allergic reaction whilst other people will suffer from its unwanted side effects.

Regardless of the items available on the market, you won’t have the ability to hide how old you really feel when reaching a particular age. Some do not want to believe or accept it but this is really a reality that all of us have to encounter as we flip another year older arrive our birthdays.

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Many people are now fascinated to manage their health. Certainly they are willing to make alterations for their sleeping pattern, their eating habit as well as the ways they care for their skin. Did you know that selecting an appropriate bed can help improve your sleep quality. You can have a look at websites for instance choisir literie in order to get more information on this topic. When it comes to your skin you should make certain that you work with the appropriate cosmetics. You can get addiitional information about this topic with internet sites for example vergeture bio and

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Over time, collagen breaks down, resulting in loss of firmness, elasticity and deepening of existing wrinkles.

Ultra-Lift Pro Deep Wrinkle Cream SPF 20 is right for you if you want a daily treatment targeting deep wrinkles and loss of firmness, for skin that is visibly lifted and smoother.
• Dermatologist tested for safety
• Non-comedogenic—won’t clog pores
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A great complexion in your 40s and beyond starts with a skin care routine in your 20s. Furthermore understanding your skin type (dry, oily, sensitive, combination) will assist you in selecting the right products.

The 20s are the age of prevention. This is the time when lack of care now will be evident in latter years. For instance, over exposure to sun causes damage to the skin but the brown spots will not be apparent till you are in your 40s; squinting in the sun and not using moisturizers can contribute to fine dry lines around the eyes.

Thus caring for your skin in your 20s should consist of cleansing, toning, moisturizing and protection. Additionally, an occasional facial mask to hydrate and draw out impurities and exfoliation to slough off dead skin and promote circulation may be in order. Blemishes can also be a problem in your 20s, for spot treatments consider tea tree oil.

The 30s is the decade of laugh lines and crow’s feet. There is a gradual breakdown of collagen and elasticity thus resulting in less elasticity in the skin and the loss of a firm supple texture. Furthermore, the sebaceous glands become less active, and poorly lubricated skin will not retain moisture as it did in the past so our skin becomes much drier.

To make matters worse cell turnover is sluggish thus causing the dead cells to remain on the skin’s surface which dulls the complexion. For some, brown spots and uneven color blotches can appear on the skin. At this stage in our life the need to continue with a good skin care routine (cleansing, toning, moisturize/protect) is essential.

At this time you may want to consider a under eye cream or gel.
Your skin care products should be filled with anti-oxidants such as Vitamins A, C, E, and beta carotene. Selecting skin care products with antioxidants also aids in the in the production of collagen and elastin.

Collagen keeps the skin firm and elastin adds and maintains elasticity in your skin, thus reducing sagging skin and wrinkles. While there are many foods high in anti-oxidants it is not likely that we consume enough. Again, exfoliates and facial masks are in order as part of your skin care routine.

The 40s your skin cell turnover takes twice as long as it did at age 20. The loss of the underlying structure (collagen and elastin) contributes to thinning of the epidermis which leads to drooping eyes, neck wattles and causes the skin to look papery.

Pigmentation also changes creating shadows and blotches and age spots are now apparent on the face, neck, chest, and back of hands. Your skin care routine now should contain anti-aging ingredients such as peptides and retinol to invigorate the skin. Additionally treatments such as chemical peels and microdermabrasion treatments may be in order. Moisturizers should be rich in emollients to soothe dry skin and rich in vitamins to nourish the skin.

The 50s and beyond, your face has reached maturity. The fat padding beneath the skin has diminished so your face shows more of its angles and hollows. As muscle fibers weaken, the fat that remains under the eyes form bags. Facial bones begin to shrink, causing all-around sagging.

Oil production decreases after menopause resulting in significant dryness. As cell turnover rate continues to slow, skin becomes thinner and more prone to wrinkling and drooping. Years of sun exposure or hormonal changes may lead to patchiness or unevenness in skin tone.

As with your 40s your skin care products should contain anti-aging ingredients and be rich in emollients and provide nutrition for the skin. Clay masks that deeply hydrate the skin are in order as well as exfoliation treatments. There are many remedies on the market to lighten brown spots, and special serums that will tighten the skin around the eyes. There are also chemical peels and microdermabrasion treatments that actually slough off the first layer of the skin thus exposing the new skin cells.

While aging is inevitable, start with a good skin care program in your 20s and a healthy diet and your skin will reward you for it latter in life. As you can see our skin changes over time, thus it is necessary to evaluate your skin care program regularly to ensure that you are using the right skin products for your skin type.

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Let’s face it. Natural herbal skin care is the answer to all of your problems, but quality organic products are in short supply. The reason that it is difficult to find truly all natural organic skin care formulas is because there are very few companies that make them. This may come as a surprise to you considering that all of the companies are trying to push for a cut of the organic skin care market.

What is typically marketed as natural herbal skin care formulas are not as all natural as the manufacturers would like for you to believe. They may actually include a few organic ingredients in their products in order to make them appear as though they are healthy for you to use, but most times you will find that these natural ingredients are simply a smokescreen hiding the agents that they don’t want you to know about.

The agents in these supposedly all natural organic skin care formulas are not exactly hidden, as they do appear on the ingredients label. It is not so much that these companies don’t want you to know that these agents are present in these products. It is that they do not want you to know what it is that these agents can do to you, because if you understood the harm that they could cause you then would never buy their products.

What most of the natural herbal skin care formulas on the market have in store for you is the possibility of developing cancer, and other maladies due to the chemicals used in the making of the product. Chemical agents are commonly used in cosmetics products despite the danger, because they are simply more cost effective for a company to use than natural ingredients are.

About two thirds of what you are getting in your supposed all natural organic skin care product is chemicals.
This is not the way that things are supposed to be, and so we are fortunate to have the handful of suppliers that truly do use nothing but organic compounds in their products. These are the people from whom we need to be buying our cosmetics.

One of the most highly sought after natural herbal skin care remedies were developed by a company in New Zealand. People in the know are touting this company’s product as the most effective anti aging formula ever made. Through the use of natural proteins and plant extracts this formula can return your lost collagen, elastin, and hyaluronic acid, which results in smooth, wrinkle free skin.

The all natural organic skin care formula featuring Functional Keratin and Phytessence Wakame extract are the solution that you have been looking for. Phytessence Wakame halts the breakdown of your hyaluronic acid, while Functional Keratin causes the development of the cells necessary for the formation of new collagen and elastin. The resulting increase in structural tissue melts years off of your appearance.

Put this to the test right away! The superior results that these natural herbal skin care formulas give you have to be seen to be believed, but the most important thing is that they will not put you in any danger. Truly organic is the way to go.

If you’d like to learn more about little known but clinically tested natural and organic ingredients that are used for treating aging skin, visit my website today.

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Laurel is a long time user and passionate advocate of natural skin care products. Visit her site now to discover cutting edge, anti-aging skin care products she recommends after extensive research:

In this article we emphasize that although routine use of skin care merchandise may impart outer radiance the skins role in the body is much a lot of reaching and NOT restricted to the bodies surface.

Skin is that the body’s largest organ, yet is frequently neglected in our healthcare regimen!! Routine use of quality skin care products can reward you in the long run with higher skin health and a additional youthful appearance. It is a long term investment in your healthcare much the identical as looking after your teeth and gums.

Skin is the human body’s boundary to the elements; its outer layer, the epidermis, is thinner than plastic wrap however is stain-resistant, waterproof, and provides protection against UV radiation. It’s outer layer of tightly woven epidermal cells type a durable barrier to hold moisture in and keep unwanted water out. On the surface, dead, compacted, and sloughing cells form an outer coat of armour, the epidermis that stops damaging parts from reaching the deeper and a lot of sensitive layer of the dermis. The epidermis contains stem cells that reproduce more epidermal cells as needed further as the pigment-producing melanocytes that stop skin’s No. 1 enemy-UV radiation from the sun. Its rays are especially damaging to the skin’s middle dermis layer.

The dermis with its abundant collagen brings firmness and adaptability, but when collagen is diminished the skin wrinkles and sags. Subcutaneous fat cells lie below, softening and plumping the skin texture. Interlaced throughout the skin are blood vessels, hair follicles, sweat and oil-manufacturing glands, floating in an exceedingly plasma suspension of neuro-chemical messengers, hormones, roaming white blood cells and abundant neural connections running to and from the brain and alternative organs.
Sensory nerve endings process information from the surroundings to our central nervous system, distinguishing pain from pleasure. The skin is our powerful interface between the mind, the body, and also the external world. The emerging concept of a neuro-immuno-cutaneous-endocrine network recognizes the skin as an intelligence gathering network processing information even independent of our brain. It conjointly acts as an endocrine organ, producing hormones like vitamin D for the rest of the body, and steroids and thyroid hormone for its own use. Though it is not perpetually clear why, the skin makes several of the identical neurotransmitters and hormones found within the brain.

Thus, our skin deserves an entire skin care merchandise health regime simply like we have a tendency to would do for the remainder of our body!

Most skin care product regimes increase skin cell turnover by employing a powerful combination of exfoliating chemicals and acids that though may show temporary benefits, ultimately age your skin. It’s higher to induce the natural exfoliation method through increasing nutrition and feeding the replica of skin cells, stimulating and feeding your skin from the deepest layers up. This will increase exfoliation rates and skin cell turnover naturally while not any cell damage. Exfoliation is NOT sensible for our skin.

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***LIKE & READ ME! SkinME episode every Monday! This week is how to make vitamin C serum that have many benefits and have scientific data that to reverse signs of aging. Vitamin C active form, L-ascorbic acid, is the only antioxidant that stimulates the synthesis of collagen to help minimize fine lines, wrinkles, and scars. Also, this serum can be use to lighten hyperpigmentation naturally. Chat on Twitter with me: ‪ Updates on Facebook: Making your own will save money because many products on the market are extremely expensive because vitamin C is unstable and little amount of ascorbic acid. Stay away from products that in clear containers that destroy the effectiveness and the serum/lotion/cream that are tinted because you cannot tell if your skin care product was oxidized. However, vitamin C does not work on everyone but newer vitamin C derivatives still have anti-aging benefits. Always perform a batch test because vitamin C can be irritating to the skin. ***Apply the serum over the face and gently pat around the eyes but makes sure to do a patch test on the wrist to see you the serum stings/irritating. If so then use less vitamin C powder to mix weekly. Recipe to make a weekly vitamin C serum that is more stable and less expensive: -~$5 L-Ascorbic Acid Powder 1/4 tsp (Store in a cool and dry place. Do not store this in the bathroom cabinet because the moisture from taking showers can ruin the powder.) or -~$5

Much of the skin care information that you get comes from sources that are basically under the control of the various entities that make up the cosmetics industry. This makes some of the skin care info that you are fed suspect at best. This is because what you are being told may not be in your best interest, but it is definitely going to be in the best interest of the industry.

The skin care information that you receive through the various media outlets is “guided” by the influence of the millions of advertising dollars that they are given each year by the major cosmetics companies. Everyone has seen the articles that describe the benefits of using a particular product, while lightly glossing over all but a few of the ingredients that the formula contains.

The skin care info that the article gives you is designed to cast formulas such as collagen and elastin formulas in a good light. Everyone knows that the loss of these connective tissues plays a huge role in the way that we look when we become older, so a formula that will introduce new tissue into your skin makes perfect sense doesn’t it. It actually doesn’t if you know the facts.

What the skin care information about such a product leaves out is the fact that the only way that tissue as dense as these can help you at all is if they are injected into your skin. The skin is not capable of absorbing collagen and elastin, when they are topically applied, so this method of tissue replacement is totally ineffective. The cosmetics industry is counting on the fact that you don’t know this.

The other skin care info that you should know about is what they won’t tell you about their products, and that is that the bulk of most of their formulas are made up of chemical agents.
These chemicals serve no role that could not be capably handled by any of a number of natural plant based compounds, and with the natural components you would not have to worry about cancer, organ toxicity, and nervous system disorders.

The truth is that your best bet is to ignore the skin care information that you receive from the media. All that you need to do is concentrate on finding those formulas that contain nothing other than healthy, all natural ingredients. Although some natural ingredients are better than others, all of them offer your skin something positive.

Going back to the false skin care info commonly given about the effectiveness of collagen and elastin formulas, there actually is a way to stimulate the growth of new cells that create these two tissues. I tell you this because I want to use the protein based compound known as Functional Keratin as an example of one of the superior natural components. This is the one that will erase the lines and wrinkles most effectively.

When in doubt about the skin care information you are receiving, you can never go wrong with all natural formulas.

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Learn more about the benefits of natural skin care products that are made from effective and proven all natural ingredients. Or visit to discover genuine cutting edge skin care products that protect your skin and slow down the aging process.

It is an alarming fact for all of us in the middle ages of thirties and forties, that wrinkles, fine lines and saggy skin is catching up on us everyday. It becomes difficult to accept this new, but unfortunate development in the mirror and we look out for the best anti aging skin care treatment products.When you are young, your skin produces them in normal quantities. However as you get older, their production reduces. The result is that skin lines and wrinkles start appearing. By using quality anti aging skin care treatment products regularly, your skin once again produces collagen and elastin in normal levels. Hence starts to look young and healthy.To give an example, the best anti aging skin treatment would not contain ingredients that are synthetically or chemically based. These types of ingredients can be harmful to the consumer’s health, and should never be included in any cosmetics product. They also won’t do a single positive thing for your skin.

Look for sites online that show you the research that proves the effectiveness of the ingredients that are used in skin care products. You should also pay careful attention to the concentrations that have been shown to be effective as well. Again, the major skin care brands will claim to use these ingredients, but there is not enough of a concentration to allow the ingredients to actually be effective in their product. When you are armed with this kind of information, you can make an informed decision on the products that you will use on your skin.Acrylamide, dioxane, fragrance, mineral oil (including petrolatum and paraffin wax), parabens, polyethylene glycol (PEG), triclosan. A book could be written about these items, and I plan to do a complete article on them soon, but for right now, please trust me: these are best avoided, especially since the best anti aging skin treatment products won’t even consider using them.

The majority of the anti aging skin care treatment products that you see will find are full of chemicals, preservatives and fillers, instead of the natural ingredients that they should have.
Many of the chemicals used are known to pose serious threats to human beings, and should be banned from use in cosmetics.If you haven’t heard, collagen and elastin are the two vital proteins in the body that are the best for dealing with the skin’s aging process. When we were young we didn’t have to think about our body’s collagen and elastin production, however, the wrinkles and sagging skin are catching up due to a breakdown of those two proteins.

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Read about triphala and also read about wheat grass supplements and asparagus

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