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When was the last time you thought about the skin cleanser that you use on your skin. If your like most people, you just grab that scented bar of soap and you start washing, not wondering if it is right for your skin type. As we age our skin changes requiring different approaches to dealing with it. Today I will go over the 3 most common mistakes people make with cleansing skin care, so that you will know how to properly cleanse your skin and how to find the right products for you.

The 3 cleansing skin care mistakes most people make

Over washing your skin: You only need to wash your face at most 3 times a day. Excessive cleansing of your face will strip your face of essential oils drying out your skin and irritating it. When showering limit showers to no more than 3 times a day. Also shorten the length of your showers because long hot showers strip the body also of essential oils.

The use of harsh and abrasives cleaners: Would you use sand paper to clean your skin. Well that’s what most people do when they buy these harsh type cleaners thinking that they will do a better job at cleaning. These type of cleansers can create more harm than good. All you need is a mild cleanser, preferably one that is unscented for cleansing to avoid putting unwanted chemicals on to your body.

Not knowing what your skin type is: You must know your skin type in order to find the right type of cleanser for you. Do you have oily skin, dry skin, acne, age spots, or wrinkles, what ever your skin type make sure you buy the correct product for it.

If you would like to learn more about cleansing skin care and effective natural products for cleansing skin that I have researched and have used successfully for skin cleansing, than come visit my website where I would love to show you cutting edge products that I have found that are very effective at cleansing your skin for a more youthful vibrant healthy looking appearance.


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The natural skin care products of today have come to rival those products that use advanced technology to provide anti ageing solutions. It appears that nature is able to provide ingredients that contain powerful and effective anti ageing properties to reduce fine lines and wrinkles and combat other signs of ageing.

Uandi Natural’s solution to help to reduce the signs of ageing is our Age-Reversal Cream.This natural skin care product works by combining some of nature’s most beneficial ingredients into a deeply moisturising cream that works to not only promote skin health but also to develop younger looking skin.

One of the main anti ageing active ingredients in our natural skin care products is PalmitoylHydrolyzed Wheat Protein; a natural wheat bio-protein that stimulates vital skin cells, helping to prevent skin ageing. It has moisturizing properties and maintains natural skin acidity, promoting healthy and beautiful skin. This natural skin care ingredient works in 2 ways; by relaxing your skin to smooth out wrinkles and by re-densifying your skin to permanently reduce the appearance of wrinkles.

Sea Buckthorn oil provides our Age-Reversal Cream with some fantastic natural skin care benefits. It contains a high content of nutrients essential for the skins metabolism that also assist in the regeneration of skin cells. The main active components of this oil are natural antioxidants and essential fatty acids which help fight wrinkles, dryness, and age spots, improving your skin.

To compliment those main active ingredients listed above, our Age-Reversal Cream also contains Uandi Natural’s special blend of native Australian botanical extracts as well as the below ingredients to provide a unique and highly effective natural skin care product.

Evening Primrose and Rosehip oil are two ingredients that can be found in quite a few natural skin care products due to their well known beneficial properties.
Evening Primrose is one of the most concentrated natural sources of gamma-linoleic acid (GLA), an essential fatty acid with anti-ageing and anti-inflammatory properties. It is also rich in Omega 6 essential fatty acids and antioxidants, which help to rebalance dryness and increase elasticity of your skin. Rosehip is a lightweight oil that is rich in essential fatty acids (omega 3 and 6) including oleic, linoleic and linolenic acids. These fatty acids are anti-inflammatory and are deeply hydrating for the skin. Rosehip oil is known for its skin restorative, hydrating and balancing properties. It also contains vitamin C to increase your skins collagen production.

Vitamins A, C and Eare invaluable antioxidants for your skin. Vitamin E helps to keep skin membranes intact whilst also protecting the skin from free radical damage. It is a necessary ingredient for tissue repair which increases skin elasticity and helps to smooth fine lines and wrinkles. It is also know to reduce the appearance of age spots.Vitamin A is an essential antioxidant for healthy skin. It is a vital component in the maintenance of smooth, soft skin. It helps to prevent dry skin and wrinkle formation by improving skin elasticity and increasing the skins moisture content. It also increases blood circulation, giving your skin a healthy glow. For more information on our natural skin care products or our anti-ageing cream, please follow this link.

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Everyone desire to have natural and younger looking skin. To fulfill this desire one needs to proper care of the skin so as to have a natural glow. You can use natural skin care products which do not contain any synthetic products. So these are reliable to use and can retain your natural beauty, loss due to hectic work schedule. While using these products you can see the enhancing grace of your skin.

While making these products the considerable thing which is kept in mind is, anything resembling the body’s emulsion system will support the skin. Usually these products provide wide range of precious skin nourishing elements, such as natural vitamins, carotenes, vital fatty acids, polysaccharides and antioxidants and so on. Cherishing your skin with balanced amount of water and natural oils, can make you feel the softness of your skin.

Compared to artificial products nowadays most of the people prefer Natural skin care products. In early 30’s to keep your skin glowing prevention is the best option. You should protect your skin from direct sunlight, eat healthy and balanced diet, along with these it is the perfect time to start using natural skin products routinely. To get a younger looking skin, daily cleansing and moisturizing is necessary. Using high quality and natural products having anti-ageing ingredients will help you to nourish your skin in a better way.

3 vital factors to consider while selecting natural skin care products

These are some of the important factors to be considered.

Anti-oxidants play a vital role in maintaining the grace of your skin. It boosts your immune system to fight against radicals causing skin damage and aging. During ageing highly reactive chemicals are formed in the body which vanishes the oxidized flesh leaving behind cells starving for oxygen.

This starvation results in tough skin, wrinkles and dark circles under eye. In body the main sources of anti-oxidants are vitamin A, C and E, zinc and selenium. Thus making a selection of skin care product you need to see that it contains all these anti-oxidants in it.

Other options for healthy skin

Following these options will help you to get younger looking and charming skin. Natural skin care products are there to make your dream come true. But when going for these products don’t forget to consider the important factors.

Emiley Brethern has 68 articles online is a great option to find wide variety of Mineral Makeup. To get a natural glowing skin you can find different type of Skin Care Products which could besides providing a natural glow, can get you a ravishing look for your party.

When you want to look and feel your best, at times you do require the help of certain Skin Care Products available in the market. Hence, while looking for some of these products; it is evident that you’d rather search for such formulations which necessarily do not dry up your skin. Some of the Best Skin Care Products are found in the form of facial cleansers, lotions or moisturizers.

Consumers often look for such Skin Care ingredients that have proven benefits and are much closer to nature. Researchers have justified that using Natural Skin Care products are excellent for skin textures of all kinds. This is majorly beneficial for those with sensitive skin surfaces. There are several products whose composition are intense and are harsh for the skin. This gives rise to skin irritations and often dryness.

From ancient ages, the usage of Natural Skin Care regimes has been immensely popular. However, these formulations are still considered to be prominent for beauty therapies. This is why most products are made to resemble or are stated to contain a natural ingredient in their composition. Some of the major tips that can aid in obtaining a flawless complexion are stated as follows.

Check For Sensitivity
Natural care products may be far better than their chemical-based counterparts, however it is also essential to get a patch test done prior to usage. This will help you to understand whether the product formulation should suit your surface texture or not.
Also, ensure to check for food substances in your diet which you may be allergic.

Bad Habits – Smoking and Alcohol
It has been proved than the skin texture of a smoker is about 40% thinner than normal skin. Textures of this type usually lose their elasticity quite earlier than age. This leads to skin dryness and aging. In fact, smoking and drinking works adversely for any skin regime which requires a proper food intake and suitable lifestyle to reflect results.

Essential Nutrient And Water Intake In Diet
Include vitamins, proteins, minerals and fibers in your diet which is excellent for both your body and skin. Fresh fruits, vegetables, cereals, dairy products contain immense amount of nutrients which is beneficial for the skin surface.
Also, intake of adequate amount of water is excellent for rejuvenating the underlying cells of the body. Water makes up for 70% of our entirety! This is the reason why drinking water is necessary for proper hydration of the skin surface. Loss of moisture can lead to Dry Skin and exhibits visible signs of aging prematurely. Water intake also flushes down the toxins from inside the body.

Limit Washing Your Face
Wash your face not more than twice each day. Often, people who suffer from acne and eruptions wash their face many a times every day. This should be avoided as water erodes away the natural consistency of the skin while stripping away oil from the surface. This leads to further generation of sebum which causes more acne problems in the long run.

Adequate Sun Protection
Use a sunscreen even if it is cloudy or raining. Always ensure to protect your skin from the harmful damaging UV rays of the Sun. These are extremely powerful and enter the skin surface easily. Aging, dryness and major skin problems take place due to exposure to the harsh rays of the Sun. Carry an umbrella, wear a hat or a scarf whenever out in the Sun. 

Avoid Stress And Anxiety
Perhaps the most evident cause of skin problems is stress. This prevents even the Best Skin Care Products to function properly. Excessive levels of anxiety lead to imbalance in hormone secretion and disrupt the usual flow of the essential components inside our system. Get plenty of sleep and exercise regularly to prevent stress disorders.

When looking for Natural Skin Care Products from Skin Care Stores, ensure to look for some of the natural ingredients that are obtained right from nature. After all, when there’s so much that you can obtain from the nature why look for products based on chemicals and manufactured in laboratories?

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Your skin requires a lot of attention and pampering. However, make sure you choose to work the smarter way by following some simple practices and regimes. Choose those Skin Care Products which suits your skin texture. These will not only aid in making your skin look flawless but also keeps away the symptoms of aging for a longer time!

Autumn is the time of year that reflects the seasons harvest in our lives. Plants wither and drop their leaves, flowers and fruits and we become much drier, and require more rest and our bodies during this period conserve energy. Our skin which is our royal mantle also changes and reflects the vital energy flowing within, the body adapts to seasonal change where it conserves resources. During seasonal changes the skin will also change and people will experience breakouts, red or dry patches, retained sebum or blotchiness. To promote clear skin and inner harmony, it is the time to adjust our diets and pursue internal cleansing with modified fasting, herbs or juices.

Once autumn turns into winter, we need to protect out skin against drier and colder air by adjusting our skin care regime and using much richer day and night moisturizers and natural skin care products such as rose cream or Neroli cream, with occasional applications of pure seed oil that will maintain the skins softness and suppleness. There is a wide variety of face and body creams that have the ability to nourish enliven and protect delicate skin such as oils and herb extracts, Shea butter and pure lanolin. Just as we need to rotate our diet to avoid developing sensitivities and be well nourished, so you need to rotate your moisturizing skin care products to keep your skin responsive. Once your skin becomes accustomed to the same active ingredients, it will become less active. To eliminate and slough off dead cell congestion, exfoliate with a natural exfoliating product or facial peel.
Treat yourself to a mini home spa and promote your skins health by regularly using creamy conditioning facial masques, mud packs or seed oil. It is good to cleanse the system of congestion by eliminating fried foods, sugar, dairy products and wheat for a week or two. Drinking burdock red root tea promotes clear skin and supports the liver and other organs as well as cleanses the lymphatic system. By humidifying the room air you will prevent dry and chapped skin and blocked nasal passages.

Dry skin brushing stimulates the lymphatic system and promotes a healthy skin. When you get out of the shower you can apply massaging oil to your damp skin. Massaging these essential fatty acids and vitamin enriched preparations deeply into your skin, strengthens and moisturizes the skin. Eat foods that promote warmth such as leafy greens, avocados, whole grains, fish and miso based soups. Autumn and winter are part of the rhythmic cycle that is essential to our emotional and physical wellbeing as it is to nature.

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What’s so different about the males of the species that skin care for men should be different from the products for women? Well, a man’s skin is not the same as a woman’s so you definitely shouldn’t be using the same products.

Male skin is much oilier and the pores are larger too. As a general rule, ladies’ brands are designed to be quickly absorbed by their thinner, finer layers. But use the same products on a man and you could be looking at clogged pores and an oily shine.

Males are generally more prone to redness and inflammation and this too can influence the sorts of lotions they should use on their bodies.

Fortunately, a good deal of research has been conducted over recent years into male facial creams and there are some exciting new developments, with extra special ingredients now included to cater just for male needs.

First of all, there’s CynergyTK™. This ingredient inhibits Prostaglandin E2, the major biochemical pathway leading to inflammation and redness.

Then there’s phytessence wakame, an extract from a Japanese sea kelp. This substance inhibits a harmful enzyme called hyaluronidase, which breaks down hyaluronic acid. This acid is important for tissue repair, and a reduction in it can lead to wrinkles and sagging.

Last but not least, there’s Nano-Lipobelle H EQ10. This is a bit of a mouthful but it’s actually CoEnzyme Q10 in a nano-emulsion form. This can penetrate through several layers and absorb free radicals, resulting in fewer wrinkles and greatly improved smoothness.

These are just some of the exciting new ingredients being used in the best natural skin care products for men.
So there’s no need to put up with dry, red, aging faces any more!

Ideally, you’ll want to find brands that include all these ingredients and more to keep your face looking as young as possible or to reverse the aging effects of outdoor activities.

This won’t always be easy as many of the big name manufacturers haven’t started using these substances yet. But there are some companies specialising in natural products who offer competitively priced, cutting-edge creams and lotions specially designed for men. Skin care technology is no longer reserved only for ladies’ brands!

There’s more news about skin care for men–and, of course, ladies too–at my website.

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Are you unsure that Natural Skin Care Products can be as effective or more than heavily advertised synthetic compounds found in the cosmetic industry? If you are hesitating to switch to natural care products for your skin and prioritizing the lab tested ones; then let’s unveil why skin care based on nature’s ingredients are certainly effective.

Natural Skin Care – What Makes It So Effective?

Have you ever realized that almost all synthetic products in the market are prepared to replicate the effects of a natural ingredient? However, strange this may seem but most cosmetic companies imitate the goodness of natural substances. Ingredients that are natural are usually expensive than the synthetic versions hence cosmetic firms choose to resort to cheaper compositions. This is clearly visible from the price difference of a real ingredient than a synthetic based product. However, cosmetic perspective of several ingredients has amazing antibiotic properties.

Effects Of Natural Ingredients On Synthetic Compositions

Have you heard of the incredible AHA or alpha hydroxyl acid? This is present in most citrus fruits, apples and sugar canes. The properties of the acid remove dead dull skin surfaces from the outer texture and prevent it from getting damaged.
These ingredients are found in nature but are now available as lab synthesized products due to the vast difference in price.

Health Or Price – Which One Should You Opt?

Our body system breaks down any synthetic product through a process known as detoxification. This should require gradual adjustment by your body which is certainly not healthy. Most of the synthetically prepared ingredients contain by products of certain coarse industrial substances which is greatly harmful for the body. It may block the skin surface and also become an eminent cause of skin cancer.

Natural care products are prepared from the essence of several excellent oils and fruit extracts which gets absorbed into the skin thoroughly. There is no harm associated with such compositions which provides incredible results on the skin surface.

Why Is It Necessary To Research?

If you are still confused and require some more convincing, then start with a small process. Try using a natural lip balm devoid of tough ingredients like petroleum which are too harsh on the skin. Look for the various natural remedies over the internet. Always ensure to do a small patch test before just to make sure that you are not allergic to those products.

There may be hundreds of Skin Care Products in a Skin Care Store and you may be tempted to use most of them. So you can choose to resort to a more natural and safe antibiotic treatment for your surface texture. These certainly do not include any harmful chemicals or ingredients which will clog your skin surface and make it prone to all kinds of surface ordeals. You will start experiencing the goodness of Natural Skin Care minus the synthetic ingredients which will make your facial surface look radiant and dazzle with health.

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Skincare is certainly a hassle if you do not know how to manage your care regime. Opting for Natural Skin Care Products is certainly a safe bet. These are not harmful and do not cause any damage on the skin surface.

Scars are one problem that are left by a terrible case of acne.  For some it’s not just acne that makes life miserable, it’s the scars that it leaves behind.  Those that have suffered from a severe case of acne know the scars can last for years. For some, it can be so bad, it misshapes their face for the rest of their lives.  One effective way of avoiding a terrible case of acne is by keeping the skin clean.  At the onset of bad acne on the face or body, using acne skin care products can prove a big help. 

For prevention, you may include using a good skin cleanser as part of your daily regimen.  Choosing the right one may need closer scrutiny because there are products on the market that contain harsh ingredients that may cause damage to the skin.  Some products have too strong components that can dry up the moisture in your skin and make it itchy. 

There are also products that contain harsh ingredients that may cause to suffer from allergy attacks.  So before applying anything on your face for the first time, you may want to apply it first to a patch on your leg, then to your shoulder then ultimately on your face.  This is to make sure that you are not sensitized to any ingredient that the product may have. 

How frequent you wash your face may be determined, first and foremost, by your skin type.  People with oily skin should be more conscious about their faces because the accumulated oil on their faces is like a dirt magnet.  The oil is like a repository of dirt and may deposit itself on the skin, clogging pores which can breed the bacteria that cause acne.  If the pores get clogged up, it can also cause whiteheads and blackheads.

It is important that people with oily skin wash their faces as often as possible to prevent the accumulation of oil and dirt at the pores.  Unlike people with dry skin, people with oily skin are more prone to having acne and pimple breakouts.

Because of the many products that are out in the market, you may want to consider the herbal alternative.  Products that have herbal components do not contain high content of chemicals like sodium lauryl sulfate.  You may also reap the full benefits from these products because of the inherent properties of the herbs used in these products to prevent you from getting acne.

Being free from acne is easier for some than others, those that have been blessed with a good skin type that is not susceptible to acne breakouts are definitely at an advantage.  Keeping a regimen of washing your face regularly is needed to get rid of the accumulated dirt and oil. It just can’t be stressed enough.

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There are many safe and effective
natural acne skin care products available on the market – it’s just a matter of finding the right ones for you. Getting a good blend of cleansers, exfoliators, toners and moisturizers can make a big difference.
Natural skin care products tend to be more gentle on your skin and can produce great long term benefits in helping your skin to stay healthy for life. Start making a list of products that you feel will suit your skin type and then try them out. Eventually you should be left with the perfect skin care combination for your skin.

With too many companies entering into the beauty and cosmetic industry, flooding the market with innumerable products, it is becoming quite difficult for customers to differentiate the good companies and the rest of the crowd. It is extremely important to identify a good natural skin care company from this plethora of beauty treatment offers since skin care is a vital issue that can either benefit or harm the health of every individual. So take the time to search for and research about the company and the ingredients that it uses in its product line will pay rich dividends in the long run.

There are a few characteristics that would set apart a natural skin care company from the rest of the crowd. A responsible company would never use chemicals that are harmful to human health for the sake of promoting its products. The skin care products penetrate much deeper into the body and hence toxic substances that are used in the products can reach the vital organs and cause damage to them. The good company would be aware of this fact and totally avoid the use of such chemicals in its products. The consumer comes first and their interests come next. That is how every company should operate, but sadly very few companies adopt this policy.

A natural skin care company would also use as much organic ingredients as possible as these have the least side effects to the skin and body. They spend a lot of time and money researching about the ingredients that go into the composition of their products and try to use the ones that give optimum results without harmful side effects.

These are some of the traits through which one can identify a good skin care company.
One can also read consumer reviews and customer testimonials to get to know the best companies in the country.

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The skin is the largest organ of the body, so it pays to treat it well. One effective way to keep the skin looking its best is by indulging in natural skin care. Natural skin care does not use any chemicals or synthetic ingredients in the mix. Instead, formulas are crafted with botanicals and other natural ingredients for skin that is clean, soft and young looking. For some, this means mixing combinations at home, but many companies today also make some excellent commercial products that use only natural ingredients. We will take a look at some of the top names in natural skin care today.


Yonka has been synonymous with high quality, natural skin care since the company began in 1954. Yonka originated with three French brothers who had a passion for using botany in skin care formulas. This trio introduced aromatherapy and phytotherapy to the natural skin care market, along with a collection of Mediterranean essential oils that became the basis for their natural skin care collections. The company has continued to be family owned and operated, with clients all over the world enjoying the benefits this natural skin care line offers.


Unlike Yonka, Bioelements is a relative newcomer to the natural skin care scene. This company was started in 1991, by an esthetician who was interested in creating top quality skin care products for both professional and home use. The advantage to using Bioelements products is that you receive the same effective ingredients in your home skin care regimen as you do in the salon.
Formulas are carefully blended with the most potent ingredients available to address everything from the early signs of aging to the occasional acne breakout. Bioelements uses both botanicals and scientifically engineered ingredients for the most effective formulas. However, you will never find artificial dyes or fragrances in any of the Bioelements natural skin care line.

Pevonia Botanica

Pevonia Botanicals is another natural skin care company that takes their responsibility a step further. In addition to restricting their formulas to high quality botanicals and organic extracts, this company does no research on animals and ensures that all of their manufacturing practices are environmentally friendly. This commitment filters right down to the biodegradable packaging included with all of its products. This company never uses harmful substances like parabens or artificial dyes in any of their products. The lines are specially blended to suit each specific skin type for best results. Products are available for every age, skin type and gender.


Natural skin care used to take hours in the kitchen, whipping up formulas with ingredients found right in your own pantry. While you can still find effective natural skin care recipes, many prefer the convenience of commercial products with equivalent combinations. Thanks to companies like Yonka, Bioelements and Pevonia Botanicals, you can find high quality- all natural skin care in formulas that are ready to use. Natural skin care products are the perfect choice for treating your skin firmly but gently for the most beautiful results.

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