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New site with blog posts all da timeee Follow me on Twitter! http So summer is FINALLY here, is the weather shaping up in your part of the world?? Here is my current skin care line I use!!! Do I switch skin care lines too often? lol You can get the line at PS I just found another coupon code!! $10.00 off of your entire order if you enter “Exhale” at checkout. Only lasts till May 20th! Show them some Facebook love too!! Add me on Facebook! DISCLAIMER: All opinions are 1000% honest 🙂

If you desire an all natural organic skin care line, presumably all you need to do is head to your nearest major retailer or department store. And that’s where you will be overwhelmed with all natural or organic products- at least that’s what the label says. However, if you check the label carefully you will see ingredients that are definitely not all natural, or really remotely healthy. So then, you must ensure that if you want to find an all-natural product, you must scrutinize products carefully, to avoid disappointment. Do not believe it when a sales assistant tells you that the products simply couldn’t get the results it needs without a little help from synthetic products or harsh chemicals, because that is just not true.

Since when are Perfumes and Fragrances Organic?

Too many people select their products based on how well they smell. Sure it is nice to smell good, but if you are serious about all natural organic skin care, you should know that the product should smell fresh like its natural ingredients. Natural herbal products does not typically involve alcohol based fragrances for a reason- because it is not natural! There are hundreds of perfumes and fragrances available that are designed to make you smell great and products that are for your skin are designed to make you look and feel great, the two are different things, so make sure you are aware of that. High quality products will typically have a light, fresh scent that is natural to its product with no additives. One manufacturing trick that consumers should be aware of is the concentration of ingredients in all-natural organic skin care products. Many of the major manufacturers will utilize just the minimum amount of an ingredient to be able to refer to it in their advertising.
This is often because the ingredient is expensive or difficult to obtain. However, a serious brand will have good concentrations of ingredients throughout their entire product line.

Finding the Right Products

Just as you would never rub perfume all over your face, you would never want to expose your skin to chemicals found in products that are not truly natural. Obtaining knowledge about the benefits and value of all natural organic products will help when trying to make the right buying decisions for your skin care needs. Understanding the product ingredients, how the product line is designed and where the ingredients originate from are all critical to finding the perfect all natural products for your skin that will leave you with glowing, brilliant skin that has been rejuvenated and moisturized to create a healthy, natural look.

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Hey Yall! This is my review of a skin Care line by Dr. Susan Taylor called RX For Brown Skin. Susan Taylor is a well known dermotologist from the PA area. She made a skin care line specially formulated for people of darker skin tones whether it be yellow, golden, deep red etc. I started using the products about a month ago and here is what I think of them! Thanks for watching! If you have any questions please feel free to ask! Don’t forget to rate and Sub please! These products can be found only at Sephora stores and at

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Order today at Obagi offers amazing skin transformation as the most advanced physician skin Care line. To see if you are an Obagi candidate call our office at 888.437.7474 for a complimentary consultation. Visit us on the web at or

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Rating: 4 In this episode, Annmarie steals the show and talks about her favorite organic skin care line… ISun! Check it out, this show is fun…

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My experience with this super-expensive skin care line. I consider myself an expert with Perricone because I have used their stuff for years and years and I have tried every product (except Cold Plasma). I love some and I hate some. The NFC is perfect for worn out, mature, dull, and saggy skin. Although it is a good moisturizer, it is a bit overpriced (even with the fancy names). Please SUBSCRIBE and check out all my other videos. Make requests, comment, rate, and send me messages 😀 😀 😀 ***Every single item (in all of my videos) was purchased by me. I am offering my opinions about the product. All information contered herein is of my own, personal production.

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Read Me! If You cannot watch this video, click on the HQ button, it should work! After watching Avatar, I was blown away. The storyline wasn’t as exciting and original as District 9, but the visuals were groundbreaking. I felt like a kid throughout the movie, and would give anything to live in the Pandora (but I would probably die due to breathing in the toxic atmosphere). The visuals Inspired me to create this Look. James Cameron is one of my favorite directors of all time, Terminator 2 Judgement Day as being on my top 5 movies of all time. This Look is not suppose to look like an Avatar, rather evoke the imagery and colors of Pandora and the Na’vi. View this to see my visual reference, sketches and breakdown of the look. A photo of the finished look Please follow me on Twitter Please add me on Facebook! Music by Late Night Alumni Purchase the single for just 99 cents. “Run a Mile” “Uncharted” Start out with Beautiful skin. IQQU Jasmine Rice Scrub only $15.00 Reviews Here I use IQQU acne serum, it’s part of my daily skin care regime to keep my skin blemish free. This is my own skin care line. All products used in order Contact/Circle Lens from She is my friend in Malaysia, sells authentic circle lens. The lens I am wearing is EOS G201 MAX PURE GREEN Nails are Press on by Claire’s, I think it was 5 dollars? All brushes are

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* * The Regimen * Acne.Org YouTube Page: Follow me on Twitter: MOTIVES COSMETICS: Earn Cashback: Purchase your Sigma Makeup here: Makeup By Leina FaceBook: * GLAMMED UP BY LEINA: Enter coupon code: “LEINA10” for 10% off your total purchase! Beautylish: FTC: NOT SPONSORED. I purchased this skin care line with my own money. I’m being 100% honest! This has changed my life!

There are many reasons why you should use CosMedix skin care.  Although this type of skin care is often recommended for those who have problem skin, such as acne, it can also be used by someone who has normal skin and wants to be sure that it stays in good condition.  There are several different formulas when it comes to CosMedix skin care that a person can use.  Each of these formulas are created for different types of skin.


Those who have problem skin such as frequent breakouts and blemishes will want to use CosMedix Skin Care that will help them have a clear face and rid them of unwanted marks and spots.  Blemishes, if left untreated, can turn to scars on the face so it is important that anyone who suffers from blemishes and breakouts do something about it such as use CosMedix Skin Care.


Even those who have dry skin need to make sure that their skin is soft and supple.  This can be accomplished by using products in the CosMedix skin care line that are made for dry skin.  When skin is dry, it not only shows up lines easily, but it also can cause skin to get chapped and even cracked, thus allowing bacteria to get in and damage skin further.  It is important that skin stay soft and smooth.  Using the right type of skin care is one way to do it.


CosMedix skin care consists of a line of skin care products that are made for all types of skin.  Instead of purchasing CosMedix skin care in the stores, those who are interested in keeping their skin looking their best can do so by purchasing the products in this skin care line right on the internet.  There are sites that sell skin care products at a discount that can be used by those who want to save money when it comes to the products they are using.  Those who are looking to get quality skin care products as well as save money at the same time can go online to make their purchase of CosMedix skin care products.


It is important for someone to know what type of skin they have before they purchase CosMedix skin care products.  Those who have a certain type of skin such as oily, will want to get the CosMedix skin care products that are made for oily skin.  These do not dry out your face, but cause the oil to diminish and also distribute evenly.  This can eliminate blemishes as well as clogged pores that often lead to blemishes.


Those who have dry skin can find relief when they use CosMedix skin care as well as there is a line for dry skin.  This often occurs as one ages where the skin tends to dry out.  Now relief can be found for dry skin by using CosMedix skin care products. This skin care line can be purchased online for a discount and can be used to combat oily problem skin that is blemish prone as well as skin that is dry.  Even those with normal skin can take care of it correctly by using the products in the CosMedix skin care line.

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