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The high vulnerability of skin cell to the sun and other elements in the environment makes itself rapidly deteriorate and die. This may not be something to really worry about since new cells can immediate develop and replace those that died. However, it is a fact that it is not easy for the dead cells to drop off from your outer skin. Your skin, including that on your face may lose its natural glow and suppleness because of this fact. In order to keep beautiful facial skin, it is necessary for you to use a home microdermabrasion machine. This devicehelps you easily peel off those unwanted dead skin cells and remove acne blemishes and blackheads while unclogging pores of dirt and grime. Therefore, you will be able to always have a soft and glowing facial skin.

Before the home microdermabrasion machine was invented, most women and even some men have to visit a dermatologist’s clinic to have their skin taken cared of. Of course, if you had been doing this before, then you must have experienced the inconvenience of going to the clinic very often. Aside from this, the professional fees you had to pay must have cost you a lot also. Fortunately, machines have been developed to allow individuals like you to do home microdermabrasion. Obviously, this means that you do not have to seek the assistance of a skin care professional. After all, you already have the machine needed to complete the task.

The device to be used in home microdermabrasion is a smaller version of the ones you often get to use in a dermatologist’s clinic. However, in terms of function and effect, there is actually no difference.
This can peel the dead skin cells from your facial skin just as well as the machines in the clinic can. This comes with a manual, which does not only inform you on how to operate it but also teaches you on the correct techniques in removing dead skin cells, dirt, and grim from your skin. Since you are operating the machine yourself, there is definitely no need of any professional fee. You only pay for the machine once when you buy it. Therefore, in the long run, your home skin care method is far cheaper.

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You can enjoy the optimum benefits of home microdermabrasion when you get yourself a home microdermabrasion machine. Check on the links provided for more information.

People also have habits like smoking, unhealthy diet and drinking which plays a factor in determining how old their skin will look like. So if you have mature skin and want to care for it properly, then two things should be on your list —- replenishing and preserving the moisture of the skin. Once that is done, other signs of aging like dullness, wrinkles and dehydration; will be easy to manage. Now here are some points you absolutely have to follow to achieve these two goals.

Dont go out in the sun unless you have to. When you do, dont forget to put on your sunscreen first. Select one that has a SPF factor of 30 or more. Also, try to avoid the time between 10 a.m. and 3 p.m. when the sun is at is peak; if that is totally unavoidable, do wear a hat.

If you see brown spots or any kind of growth on your skin, dont forget to consult your doctor or dermatologist. It can be sign of something more like cancer. But the good news is, if detected early, there is a 95% chance of overcoming it.
While treating and caring for your mature skin, be sure to use only the gentlest cleanser, toners and soaps. Go for products that dont have any sudsing agents, are chemical free and non-alcohol based. You can liberally use products like petrolatum and lanolin. Natural products like evening primrose, rose hips oils, pomegranate seed and avocado are also great choices.

Using mild soaps for cleaning and taking less baths will help you to protect your mature skin. Dont use hot water while taking a bath as that dries up skin; instead soak yourself in warm water. After you bath, be sure to apply a good moisturizer on the damp skin to entrap the moisture of your skin.

To slow down the signs of aging, you have to regularly replenish the moisture content of your skin. For that, select a moisturizer that has anti-oxidants as well which will help to repair age-worn skin. But remember to keep it simple; dont use multiple products or use it in excessive amount as that can further irritate and damage your skin.

There are skin cells that dont shed easily. To remove them, you have to use an exfoliant. Exfoliating regularly will remove all kinds of invisible skin flakes as well as dead skin cells which are the reason for the roughness and dullness of your skin. After you exfoliate, moisture can easily nourish your skin.

Apart from maintaining a skin care regime, you have to fortify yourself with right food to get that glow back to your mature skin. For that, make sure your diet is rich in foods that have high amount of vitamins, minerals and omega 3 fatty acids. These help to improve elastin content as well as collagen of your mature skin. These nutrients are present in organic vegetable and fruits. Have them as fresh as possible to get all the nutrients from them.

Moisturizing your skin has to be done from inside as well. So make sure you drink at least eight to ten glasses of water every day. Refrain from taking caffeinated drinks and carbonated drinks. Instead, try green tea which may have caffeine; but also have so many other beneficial items that it is great for your health.

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Skin functions and structure

Every day you look at the skin on your body, but do you really know much about it.

Its the largest organ in your body and has five functions. It:

Regulates body temperature by controlling evaporation and conserving heat

Protects the rest of your body from the external environment and is the bodies first line of defence

Registers sensations hot and cold, touch, pressure, vibration and tissue injury

Excretes and absorbs, and

Synthesises vitamin D.


An average human has a surface skin area of between 1.5 and 2 square metres and without skin you would simply evaporate.

Skin holds 650 sweat glands, 20 blood vessels and more than a thousand nerve endings and has two layers.

The thicker epidermis, which is the outermost layer of skin and is the waterproof wrapping, is thinnest on the eyelids at 0.5mm and thickest on the soles of feet and palms of hands at 1.5mm.

As the epidermis does not contain any blood vessels, small capillaries that reach the upper layers of the dermis nourish the cells in the deepest layers. Usually the outermost layer of the epidermis has between 25 and 30 layers of dead cells.

The second layer is the dermis, which varies in thickness from 0.3mm on the eyelids to 3.0mm on a persons back. The dermis contains collagen, elastic fibres, nerves and hair follicles.

In the upper regions of the dermis there are free nerve endings, which allow you to feel sensations of warmth, coolness, pain, tickling and itching.

Sweat and oil glands begin in the lower region of the dermis aptly called the reticular (as in reticulation) region.
This is where skin gets its elasticity and if it is forced to expand quickly such as in pregnancy or obesity, small tears appear in the dermis and are seen on the surface of the skin as stretch marks.

Skin cells have a short life cycle of roughly four weeks from when they are produced in the lower layers of the epidermis to when they reach the upper level (the surface) where they are cast off.

If skin is damaged unexpectedly by abrasions, cuts and burns the formation of cells speeds up to replace the skin and heal the wound. If the damage is severe this process makes a scar.

Your skin produces a natural substance called sebum, which is secreted from the sebaceous glands. It helps to prevent excessive evaporation of water from the skin. It keeps skin soft and pliable, but as skin ages the sebaceous glands are less active so you need to replenish your skin with natural preparations to retain the moisture.

Sweat and sebum exit the skin through tiny openings called pores.

When products containing chemicals are used on the skin, the delicate balance of the way skin renews itself can easily be disrupted.

Using skin care products that are made from natural ingredients work in a complementary way to support the skins structure and help it to function correctly.

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A gentle, non-abrasive exfoliantion treatment that removes dulling surface debris, dramatically improving skin texture. Alpha and beta hydroxy acids and natural fruit enzymes detach dead skin cells and help stimulate cell renewal. Not recommended for users of medically-prescribed exfoliation products or treatments. Contains no artificial fragrance or color.

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  The tomato is typically known for being used in kitchen as one of the widely known fruits, brightly red in color and comes in all shapes and sizes. Tomatoes are used in salads, sandwiches, pastes, sauces, juices and many different prepared dishes. However, did you know that tomatoes are an inexpensive and easy to find remedy for skin care. With a wide array of versatility, color, flavor and nutrition the tomato can treat many different skin conditions and problems.

Although the tomato has been widely debated over being a fruit or vegetable, it makes no difference when it comes to using the tomato for skin care. The tomato can treat several types of skin problems including acne, blackheads, oily skin, enlarged pores, skin rashes, sunburns, discoloration, dry skin, and dull complexions. The tomato contains a wide variety of nutritional elements not only good for the skin but good for overall health. Most widely known for having vitamin A, and C the tomato also contains vitamin E, K, B1, B2, B3, and B6. Additionally the tomato is a great source of fiber, iron, manganese, potassium, carotenes, magnesium, and lycopene. Lycopene is known as one of the most powerful antioxidants and tomatoes contains the most lycopene out of any other fruit or vegetable. As a powerful antioxidant, the tomato fights free radicals from causing abnormal skin cell changes which can cause wrinkles, acne, discoloration, skin tone changes and many more diseases and skin problems.

  Rich in vitamin C, the tomato can brighten a dull complexion and reduce skin imperfections such as skin tone and texture.
The vitamin A in tomatoes builds healthy skin cells that are strong and resilient. Tomatoes, like many other fruits are also well known for being acidic which gives it a natural astringent effect on the face and pores. This removes the dead skin cells from the top layer of skin, which eliminates excess oil and clears blackheads that fill the top of pores. For people with oily skin, the tomato balances the oiliness by reducing excess oil that sits on top of the skin. Tomatoes can be used alone or partnered with other natural ingredients to combine the power of each to eliminate skin disorders.

When treating acne, the tomato alone has the power to clean and cleanse the skin of bacteria that causes acne. The tomato can also reduce inflammation and redness caused by blocked pores and remove pimples, zits, and blackheads that are visibly present on the face. Take a ripened tomato, and mash it up. Apply the mashed tomato liberally to the face and neck or any area affected by acne. Leave the tomato for 1 hour. Then rinse off with tepid water. You should notice a brighter complexion immediately and a reduction in acne after using it for a whole week, once a day.

Since excess oil can be one of the causes of acne, using a tomato on people with oily skin is necessary. For daily spot treatments, slice a tomato and rub it directly on the face, especially on the areas that accumulate the moist oil such as the cheeks, nose and forehead. After a couple of minutes rinse off the residue with cool water. For additional soothing effects mix and mash a tomato and cucumber together. Apply directly to the face and rinse after a couple of minutes. Next you should use a cleanser at least once a week for combination skin, and a couple times a week for oily skin. For a smooth and cooling affect tomato should be combined with avocado. This mixes the astringent of tomato with the antiseptic of avocado. Smooth the combination on the face completely. Leave for 20-30 minutes and rinse with tepid water. If you prefer you can use tomato with whole milk. Blend an overly ripe tomato and strain the pulp out. Mix the tomato juice with and equal amount of whole milk. Apply to the face for 10 minutes. Remove with bottled water to see a much less oily face.

Large or enlarged pores are a sign of acne and oily skin. When the pores on your face are enlarged more oil is allowed to seep onto the face. To reduce the size of your pores, tomatoes, which are a natural astringent, will automatically retract the pores and decrease the amount of oil allowed to come out. A tomato lotion can be used daily to decrease the natural size of your pores. Mix 1 tablespoon of tomato juice with a couple drops of limejuice. Apply this to the face and leave for 15 minutes. Rinse off with tepid water to reveal smaller pores.

To remove skin rashes mix a tomato with plain yogurt. Yogurt is a natural antibacterial due to the live cultures within it. Spread the mixture on your face or any other area of skin rash. Leave for 20 minutes and then rinse with warm water. Do this 2-3 times a day to see a difference.

When you get a sunburn, the painful feel and red look are the most important things that you want to reduce as soon as possible. Tomatoes can be used to reduce the pain and swelling that comes with a sunburn. By mixing tomatoes and buttermilk you can remove the top layer of dead skins and sooth the painful burn. Mix 2 teaspoons of tomato juice with 4 tablespoons of buttermilk. Apply to the burnt areas and remove after 1 1/2 hours. Apply as frequently as needed until pain, swelling and redness disappear.

Lastly, a dull complexion reduces the healthy, natural young appearance of the face. To revive the skin and give it back that healthy glow mix tomato and honey to refresh the skin and bring it back to life. Honey is a natural antibacterial, antifungal, and anti-inflammatory and antioxidant, which does wonders for the skin. Mixed with tomato juice and applied to the skin for 15 minutes at a time, a dull complexion will be increasingly brightened. Rinse with warm water and pat the skin dry.

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As we get older we are more and more inclined to be looking for skin care information to help us look younger. There is so much information out there that it can become confusing. The best way to go about finding the right skin care system for you is to do some research into the ingredients that are used.

It might shock you to learn that some of the ingredients being commonly used by some of the major brand are harmful to your skin in the long term. These ingredients may be something you will want to avoid.

They include substances such as parabens that have been found in some breast cancer tumours. Parabens are most commonly used as preservatives and are found in toiletries such as shampoo as well as cosmetics.

When seeking information some of the ingredients that you should be looking out for are:

Cynergy TK™ is a substance that has been discovered in New Zealand and is extracted from the wool of sheep. It has been proven to encourage the growth of new skin cells and is being hailed as almost a miracle in the anti aging process. It has been likened to applying liquid skin it is so natural.

Nano-Lipobelle H EQ10 is a deeply penetrating moisturiser that has the ability to re-start your skin cells natural production of collagen and elastin. This information is worth its weight in gold. Once your own cells have started production of these two proteins your wrinkles and fine lines will start to disappear and your will be reversing the aging process.

Phytessence wakame is an extract from Japanese sea weed renowned for its anti oxidant properties. Anti oxidants are required to mop up free radicals and help to protect cells from damage.

Now that you are armed with the information to help you get the very best skin care system visit our website and find out where you will find all these ingredients and more in one convenient product.
You deserve to always look your very best.

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Skin care creams are not just for women anymore. More and more men are taking advantage of the efficacy of skin care products in order to turn back the hands of time and make themselves look like they are in their 20’s, or 30’s. But the kings, or more to the point – queens, of skin care creams are women. Women use skin cream every day of their lives and each time they emerge from their showers, they love to moisturize and keep their bodies smooth and supple.

Moisturizing is one of the single best things you can do for your skin as you grow older. After age 25, your body stops producing as many new cells as your cells die off. The result is a deficit in new cells which eventually leads to age related maladies. The skin is no different. So keeping the cells moisturized means that you will keep the skins cells from being damaged and replaced as easily and you will keep your skin looking younger, longer.

Exfoliating is also a means to remove the dead skin cells from your skin. Even with moisturizing everyday the outer layer of skin will still end up dying off as you age. Removing these cells means that you will remove the skin that makes you look older and also causes sagging and wrinkles.

Keeping your skin moisturized and exfoliated on a regular basis will go a long way to help you look younger and feel better. You will enjoy the new you if you keep your skin looking new also.

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Clean Blemish Control Daily Scrub By Noxzema for Unisex, 5 Ounce
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St. Ives Swiss Formula Medicated Apricot Scrub Blemish And Blackhead Control 6 oz.
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