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When was the last time you thought about the skin cleanser that you use on your skin. If your like most people, you just grab that scented bar of soap and you start washing, not wondering if it is right for your skin type. As we age our skin changes requiring different approaches to dealing with it. Today I will go over the 3 most common mistakes people make with cleansing skin care, so that you will know how to properly cleanse your skin and how to find the right products for you.

The 3 cleansing skin care mistakes most people make

Over washing your skin: You only need to wash your face at most 3 times a day. Excessive cleansing of your face will strip your face of essential oils drying out your skin and irritating it. When showering limit showers to no more than 3 times a day. Also shorten the length of your showers because long hot showers strip the body also of essential oils.

The use of harsh and abrasives cleaners: Would you use sand paper to clean your skin. Well that’s what most people do when they buy these harsh type cleaners thinking that they will do a better job at cleaning. These type of cleansers can create more harm than good. All you need is a mild cleanser, preferably one that is unscented for cleansing to avoid putting unwanted chemicals on to your body.

Not knowing what your skin type is: You must know your skin type in order to find the right type of cleanser for you. Do you have oily skin, dry skin, acne, age spots, or wrinkles, what ever your skin type make sure you buy the correct product for it.

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A lot of people want clean young looking skin but have no idea about how to get or keep their skin looking young. Just washing your skin with soap and water and applying moisturizers is not the proper way to happy and healthy looking skin.

Before you begin any daily skin care routine, it is a good idea to find out what your skin type is first. There are five different skin types – dry, oily, sensitive, combination, and sun-damaged. These types are usually determined by the amount of natural oil your skin produces.

To find out what type of skin you do have, first wash your face normally and pat it dry with a towel. Next, get some rice paper or lens-cleansing tissue paper. Take a few pieces and pat them to different areas of your face.

If the paper sticks, picks up oily spots, and becomes translucent, then you have oily skin.

If the paper doesn’t sticky or pick up oil, then your skin is dry.

If it only sticks to areas like your forehead, nose or chin, then you have combination skin.

You can also tell your skin type by their unique characteristics.

Oily skin will be shiny with enlarged pores and tends to have blemishes and blackheads.

Combination, or normal skin, the most common in women, has medium pores, healthy color, a smooth and even texture with dryness in the cheeks while being oily on the forehead or chin.

Sensitive skin tends to be delicate with small pores. This skin type is prone to having broken capillaries, rashes, and allergic sensitivities.

Dry skin can feel really tight especially after a cleansing. Dry skin develops red patches, some flaking, and fine wrinkles.

Sun-damaged skin is not a normal skin variation, but one that can develop with age. This skin type can feel tight with visible wrinkles and even seem leathery with broken capillaries.

Before beginning any regular skin care routine, please understand your type of skin is and use the proper methods associated with that type or else you might actually be doing more harm than good.

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Good skin is more than just an application upon application of skin care products. Overuse of and a menagerie of skin care products can actually be detrimental to your skin and to your health especially when they are loaded with harmful or otherwise questionable ingredients.

A great complexion and overall great skin, starts with good health which means staying fully hydrated and getting the necessary nutrients, vitamins and minerals in our diet each day. A balanced diet equals better health and a healthier, glowing complexion. Some basic nutrients the skin needs is pure water, zinc, soy protein, vitamin E, vitamin C, B-complex, carotenoids a flavonoids, and omega 3 fatty acids just to name a few.

In addition to a good diet, your skin also needs cleansing, toning, moisture, and protection. Additionally there may be specific problem areas you will need to address such as blotchiness, acne or breakouts, dry patches, etc.

The basics – cleansing, toning and moisturizing, protection

Cleansing: First and foremost you must understand your skin type when selecting a cleanser. Dry skin should avoid foaming cleansers and use a milk cleanser or lotion, oily skin can get by with a foaming cleanser if not to harsh (drying out oily skin only makes the skin react and produce more oil), combination skin should use a cleanser with a low ph of 7 or less.

Toning: I have read differing opinions on whether a toner is necessary or not but I am a firm believer of toning. Toning removes the last traces of cleanser, restores ph balance and closes the pores prior to moisturizing.
Again, understand your skin type when selecting your toner. A few herbs for each skin type are as follows:  Dry skin: elderflower and sandalwood, Oily skin: lemon balm or fennel, witch hazel, Combination Skin: Chamomile. There are numerous herbs mixed with green tea or distilled water to easily make your own toner at a fraction of the cost of store bought toners.

Moisturizer: My moisturizer has a double duty, it hydrates and protects because it contains a SPF. No matter what skin type, you skin needs to be hydrated. Dry skin needs hydration and moisture and oily skin still needs hydration. Additionally I always recommend a daytime moisturizer with SPF and a nighttime moisturizer emollient rich.

Special Treatments

Dark circles under eyes consider almond oil. It is a natural moisturizer and rich in Vitamin E. It will moisturize and thicken the skin under the eye area so you don’t see the thinness. Massage under eye area before bedtime. Note: if allergic to nuts consider olive oil. Another note: dark under eye circles can be caused by various reasons, the recipe above is for thinning of the skin as we age.

Crows’ feet: no need for a special product, apply virgin coconut oil with a few drops of vitamin E oil at bedtime. I think you will see visible results in about a week.

Exfoliate: this treatment is to slough off dead skin and promote circulation and new cell growth. There are a number of home remedies that work such as oatmeal or cornmeal.

Facial masks: masks can do wonders to hydrate the skin. Again understanding your skin type is imperative. For dry skin consider a China/White Clay, for oily skin use fuller’s earth or French green clay, sensitive skin yellow kaolin clay and combination skin rose clay.

Above are just a few of the simple home remedies that work and are inexpensive and eco-friendly. Why not give them a try and let me know how they worked for you.  Additionally when purchasing skin care products look for natural ingredients.

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How important is your skin? It needs air; it excretes waste; it protects you from most germs and immediate harm; it sheds and renews itself; it is your first point of physical contact with the outside world. Our skins are exposed to so much day by day that it is only right to care for them. Skin care products are mostly intended to either protect the skin from damage, for example, UV radiation, or to repair and/or mask imperfections on the skin (acnes, wrinkles etc.).

Skin care products come in different formulations including oils, creams, lotions and powders.
They can be formulated for specific needs e.g. anti-acne creams or intended for broad use, e.g. moisturizers. Their use can be cosmetic (tanning oils, for example), restorative (e.g. anti-aging products), therapeutic (medicated creams) or general purpose. In addition, skin care products may contain only a few active agents or many. They can also be made for specific skin types or not.

There are three broad skin classifications targeted by skin care products. These are oily skins, dry skins and normal skins.
Oily skins are shiny and slick and so can attract dirt and germs quickest. The strongest skin care products are intended for this skin type since the aim is to remove the oil on the skin and keep the surface dry for as long as possible. Dry skin type, however, is in the other end of the spectrum. Dry skins often present as red and flaky and are easily irritated and itchy. The mildest skin care products are meant for this skin type. Helped immensely by moisturizers, the aim is to keep the skin moist and not irritate it with strong chemicals.
People with normal skins are free of oily or dry skin patches and, therefore, all types of skin care products are recommended.

Most reviewers agree on the following broad classification of skin care products: moisturizers, cleansers, toners and scrubs.

Moisturizers are ideal in cold as well as dry weather.
They nourish the skin and prevent damages to the skin including signs of early aging: wrinkles and fine lines. By feeding the skin and keeping it moist, moisturizers are able to keep skins natural and lift sagging points. The best moisturizers for all skin types are those free of alcohol. This ensures that skin irritation is prevented and the moisturizing effect is not nullified by the skin dryness that alcohols cause.

Cleansers, on the other hand, clean out the skin surface. By taking out dirt and oil, the likelihoods of pores clogging and germs thriving are significantly reduced. However, it is important not to apply too much cleanser to the skin.
Harsh cleansers could wipe out the natural microflora on the skin, therefore, exposing the skin to harsher germs and removing the protective sebaceous layer. To prevent dryness and irritation, mild cleansers are advised. However, the right cleanser will depend on skin type and finding it may require trying a few cleansers. Cleansers can also come in special formulations especially for people with severe acne. Such cleansers usually contain peroxides and/or salicylic acids and antibacterial agents.

Scrubs give deeper cleaning than cleansers. They exfoliate the skin and should be used once or twice in a week. Scrubs and masks produce a richer skin tone as well as leave the skin softer and smoother. They will take out dead skin and deeper damages done by the sun. Scrubs and masks can be prepared from simple ingredients found in every kitchen.

Toners add the finish to skin care products. They are responsible for closing skin pores to hide fine lines and wrinkles.
To give the skin a natural glow, toners will hydrate it, increase circulation and restore its pH levels. Common toners found in everyday skin care products include Aloe (perennial favorite and an old healer that soothes the skin and helps its regeneration), Lavender (ideal for treatment of skin irritations and sunburns. It also possesses antibacterial and antiviral activities) and Rosewater (hydrates and nourishes the skin).

The last element in skin care products is Sunscreen. Either as a standalone product or formulated into other skin care products, sunscreens protect the skin from harmful UV radiation, thus preventing early skin aging and sunburns as well as reducing the risks of skin cancer.

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It can be a hassle when choosing the best skin care products! At some point each of us realizes that the routine we’ve been using since our teen years is no longer working the way we want it to. This is when most of us panic because we have no idea which skin care products are best for us now that we’re a little older, a little wiser and have new things to worry about. Finding an effective new skin care routine is very simple. All it takes is a few basic things to get the skin you deserve; these are discussed in the rest of the article

Remember that the skin on your face is far more sensitive than the skin on the rest of your body. Just because something markets itself as an “all over” product does not mean that it is truly meant for all of your skin.

Younger people and kids can use regular bar soap all over without any real problems or issues. As an adult, that’s a great way to strip your face of the vital moisture that keeps it healthy. It will only help to realize that with age your facial skin will require care and products that are different from what’s needed everywhere else.

So find out your skin type, then simply provide what your unique situation needs. You never know, your skin may do best with a toner and moisturizer in addition to the standard cleanser. People react differently such as breaking-out with toners and itching with moisturizers. And then there are some who only need to use a cleanser! Others need all three products as well as special products for problem areas. If you’ve been using only a cleanser, however you’re still suffering from break-outs, then you can use a spot treatment at night after the cleanser.

Perhaps you can find a friend with the same kind of skin as you, and then ask what they use for theirs.
Many people are embarrassed to say if they failed with a skin care product, but you can usually tell if it has anyway. If you can consult with other people, you may be able to save money because you won’t have to buy the products just to see how well they work.

Actually, you can use an method I listed to identify the skincare product which is right for you. You can also sample several products; sooner or later you find one that will become part of your life. Mistakes are to expected; as well as a harmless outbreak. In the end you’ll find your perfect product.

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A healthy and smooth skin can be one of your body’s best features. Every year, the number of skin care products on the market increases as more people desire to have younger-looking and healthier skin. All-natural products like Argan oil skin are also becoming popular in skin care. It is not sufficient that you select the most appropriate skincare products, but you should also have the awareness to look after your skin. Below are some tips to follow:

Find out your skin type

Understanding your skin type is key to proper skin care. With 5 different types of skin, namely normal, oily, dry, sensitive, and combination, your skin may belong to one of them. Though there are plenty of skin care products in the market, you can buy what’s best for your skin if you know your skin type.

Ensure that your skincare rituals conform to your skin type

Your skin care routine must depend on your skin type. A gentle foaming facial wash followed by a lotion is great for normal skin. Following a good face washing, individuals who have oily skin can use an astringent cleanser. Watery lotions can be applied as moisturizer on oily skin and excess residue should be dabbed gently after applying. For people with dry skin, a cream-based cleanser can be used while moisturizing can be done using a creamy lotion. For combination skin, use a light foaming facial wash upon rising in the morning, and a creamy facial wash is the best choice for nighttime use. As for people with sensitive skin, they are advised to use only hypoallergenic products, from their cleanser to their lotions.

Eat healthy foods

Whatever food you eat, it will always affect the look and health of your skin.
That is why, you must ensure that your diet is healthy. Eat plenty of fruits and vegetables and, as much as possible, avoid eating processed foods.

Keep yourself hydrated

You can keep your skin moisturized without worrying about it drying if you always keep yourself hydrated. That is why; you should consume 64 ounces or 8 eight-ounce glasses of water each day. If you regularly drink caffeinated drinks, then you might have to drink more water. Furthermore, it is important to drink liquids to rehydrate the body after a long and hard workout.

Protect your skin from the sun

The sun can be detrimental to your skin. One of the causes of skin cancer is extreme exposure to the sun. It can also dry out and irritate skin and subsequently cause redness and even inflammation. Therefore, it is important that you limit your exposure to the sun or protect your skin from it. Always use a sunscreen with a high sun protection factor (SPF) to protect your skin when going out. Additionally, find a nice light sunscreen which is expressly formulated for facial use. Do not use sunscreen for the body for facial use because it may cause oiliness and breakout. If you prefer, you can also wear protective clothing like wide-brimmed hats, long-sleeved tops and pants.

How you care for your skin will definitely manifest itself in your skin’s health and appearance. Additionally, it is important to choose the right skincare routine and products for your skin.

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For all the diverse skin care requirements that you may have, the equally diverse range of Dermalogica products will certainly have the right product to take care of the situation effectively. Dermalogica is a worldwide renowned skin care brand whose products have consistently proved to be a favourite with personal users as well as professionals in the skin care industry. Dermalogica products have earned this reputation as they are created on a platform of well informed research and development, in response to what the diverse needs of the products users are. The entire product line is such that it caters for every skin type and condition.

Dermalogica has products that address the various daily and long-term skin needs; we have what you need for your everyday skin care regime and products that take care of your skin for extended periods at a time. Our line-up of daily use products features cleansers, toners, moisturizers, exfoliants, and masques. These products are then complemented by an assortment of eye treatments, body scrubs, sun protection products, body creams, and body washes. With Dermalogica products you can be sure that getting to achieve and preserve a radiant, healthy and beautiful skin is no longer a far-fetched ideal it is a possibility that you can savour.

One of the greatest challenges that you come across in the attempt to keep your skin looking and feeling good has to do with the constant loss of its healthy moisture. This isnt made easier by the fact that we lead increasingly hectic lives by the day – the skin, if not well taken care of, will not hesitate to lucidly display dryness and dullness i.e. the consequences of the strain and weariness your body is having to endure.
To therefore keep your skin adequately moist and hydrated, the Dermalogica range offers an active moisturizer that is both oil-free and light-weight thus enabling easy application and absorption. With this moisturizer from Dermalogica you also have an effective solution for irregular skin pigmentation problems.

The Dermalogica products range also includes what you need to achieve skin that is both smooth and radiant. Our daily microfoliant powder is developed using a rice-based enzyme and is very effective when you need to get rid of dead skin cells that stand in the way of your skin looking bright and feeling silky.

Cleansing and moisturizing are two skincare regimens that are must be attended to on a daily basis regardless of the skin type one has. The importance of cleansing need not be overly emphasized this basic procedure is what helps to rid the skin of any impurities that may impede its overall wellness. For this purpose, Dermalogica offers a soap-free special cleansing gel which enables you to clean up thoroughly without disrupting the skins natural balance. The immediate results are nothing less of a brighter, softer skin that youll certainly love.

Dermalogica products also cater for skin that needs to be smoothened and nourished. We have previously highlighted a product that you can use to keep your skin moist and tender. A most effective complement for this product is our skin smoothing cream which is really great when you need to smoothen out those fine lines and wrinkles as well as to keep the skin attractively tightened. The creams formulation contains vitamins and essential oils that truly nourish your skin thus keeping it healthy and supple.

A visit to the Dermalogica website will reveal more products that will further help in your quest for delightful skin.

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Instead of women, men should also take care of their skin. You will also find that there are also a lot of products that are designed for men. They are products for shaving, moisturizing, cleansing, and treating the skin problems. In order to get the correct products of men’s skin care, you can follow the following guidelines.

1. You should determine the type of skin that you have. This can be dry, oily, normal or acne prone. This is important for you to do since skin products are designed for a specific skin type. If you can determine type of your skin, you will be able to get the best products that you need.

2. You should consider buying a toner. This is an important thing for men’s skin care routines. You will find that this restores the ph balance of the skin that is increased by shaving and cleansing.

3. You should take a moisturizer. In this case, you should also get one that is appropriate for your skin type. For instance, you would choose an oily free moisturizer if you have acne prone or oily skin. This is very important for you to use a moisturizer to hydrate and combat the effects of aging like wrinkles and lines.

4. You should buy the treatment products if you have acne. The products are designed to treat the active acne so that these can reduce appearance of the acne. These also reduce the effects of problem skin and pimples.

5. You should buy shaving products that are appropriate for your skin type as well. You will find that pre-shave, shaving cream and aftershave are available in varieties. These are designed to enhance your skin, moisturize it and prevent breakouts toward it.

You should consider the additional products like scrubs and masks. These products will exfoliate, hydrate or treat severe skin issues. Those are some important guidelines when you are about to shop for men’s skin care products. Make sure that you get the right products so that you can give the best treatment to your skin.

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In order to get the best treatment for your skin, you can also apply organic skin products that will give you the benefits of organic substances. For example, you can use organic body wash, to wash your body when you are bathing.

If you care for your skin regularly it will look gorgeous. Skin care is not a difficult process. You just have to inculcate simple routines in to your daily life in order to make your skin beautiful. Eat fresh vegetables and fruits regularly. Avoid eating red meat and oily items. This food items will make you fat and thus you will appear older. Drink water as much you can. Water helps in removing the toxic substances from your body.


Try doing some natural treatments that helps in making your skin beautiful. Natural techniques will never cause harmful results. They are always skin friendly. You could try mixing lemon juice along with olive e oil to look gorgeous.  Turmeric can also be applied on to your skin to make it glow. Turmeric helps in retaining your color back. It is also proven that using multani mitti yields fresh and clear skin. All your skin problems will be arrested after applying this powder twice a week in your face. You can also apply cucumber to reduce the dark spots. All these natural techniques yield great results.


Clean your skin regularly. This will help in removing the dirt and dust in your body. Bathe twice a day to refresh yourself.

Always be happy. The happiness will be reflected in your face. Happiness is the key for beauty.  You can also go for herbal products. They will work deep in your skin and give faster results. Herbal products are appropriate for all skin type.  They give better results without any side effects.

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Skin Care

Using natural ways to care for skin, one can stay beautiful and charming for a longer period without having to suffer the side effects of the chemicals.

As we chase our lives from day to day and expose ourselves from the harmful elements of our environment, our skin gets tired, stressed and exhausted. To prevent some possible skin problems, it is better to take a proper care of your skin as soon as possible.

Now there is a wide range of skin care products available on the market, but it is not so easy to find the right one appropriate for your skin type and your age.

All of the products to care for you skin from cleansers, moisturizers, toners, serums can be made with natural and organic ingredients and it’s getting easier to have truly natural skin care thanks to companies who believe products for skin can be made without synthetic chemicals and are making a commitment to provide natural or organic skin care without animal ingredients.

But you can make natural or organic products yourself to make care for you skin safe and effective. Many people prefer now to use homemade skin care solutions, as you know for sure what the ingredients are, while commercial products may or may not have harmful chemicals. Although these homemade skin care products do not have a longer shelf life than commercial products, they can be as effective and have less adverse side effects.

However, speaking about skin care, it is important to remember that the outer signs of beauty skin, hair and nails are the direct reflections of your overall health. Therefore, all you have to do is first of all to lead a healthy life style which will definitely reflect on your skin.
A good skin care regime is needed if you would like your skin to look healthy, beautiful and radiant.

So, you could simply start from taking a bath twice a day to keep your skin clean, washing your face whenever you go out and come back, to remove the dirt accumulated on your skin. To combat dark shadows around the eyes, take ice cubes and wrap in muslin.

For dry hands, use sandalwood oil mixed with a hydrating base oil such as avocado or evening primrose.
Applying these easy tips helps you to keep your skin young and glowing in a natural way.

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