What if I told you that the top skin care brands people love so much are not guaranteed to work for you? Let me tell you more. The thing most people are not aware of is that just because a product works for their friends or other people, it does not guarantee that the same product will help them get better looking , younger and radiant skin.

Here’s the most important point people miss out….

We all have different skin types. By skin types I am referring to oily, dry, sensitive ….etc

So even though the top skin care brands may be effective for many people, they need to cater for your specific skin-needs. For example, if you have sensitive skin, you need a product and brand that uses mild ingredients, most of which are organic nature.

And in this case, most supposedly top brands still use synthetic ingredients in their products. So if you decided to use any of the “Top skin care brands” containing synthetic ingredients like mineral oil, your skin would get irritated and result in all sorts of side effects.

Please don’t misunderstand my main point. All I am saying is before you go out and get the next top cosmetic product everybody is raving about, take the time to consider if it is suitable for your skin.

Put in the effort to check out its contents, which can found in the ingredients section. See if it has natural ingredients or whether it is just packed with cheap synthetic ingredients.

Some of the natural ingredients you might want to look for include Natural vitamin e, Avocado oil, Active manuka honey, Cynergy TK, Nano-Lipobelle H EQ10, Phytessence Wakame.

All the above are natural, safe and suitable for sensitive skin since they are not strong.

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Has anyone other than me noticed that the products in the top skin care lines don’t really seem to do anything to help your skin become healthier? This could have a lot to do with the fact that most of the major cosmetics companies shortchange their customers when it comes to the ingredients that they use. Why would multimillion dollar companies do this?

The reason that they do it is that by using lower quality ingredients they can increase the profit margin on all of their sales. This is smart business, and it is practices such as this that have helped to grow these companies into the monoliths that many of them have become. Smart or not it is simply not fair to the consumer that puts their trust in these companies to offer them a quality product.

Although they are heavily advertised as containing effective ingredients for treating your skin the truth is that most of the top skin care lines are made up almost entirely of chemicals. Everyone by now should be aware of how dangerous it can be to consume chemical agents into their bodies. We have been told for years about how unsafe our drinking water is.

When you absorb a product containing chemical agents into your skin it is exactly the same as if you had eaten or drank the chemicals. These agents are absorbed into your bloodstream, and are then passed throughout your body. Nothing good can come from this, and in fact much harm can be done as many of the chemicals frequently used have been proven to cause cancer in humans.

One of the rules of thumb that the major companies too frequently ignore when using these ingredients to formulate their top skin care lines is that you should allow nothing to absorb into your skin that you could not possibly eat.
That is why when buying skin care cosmetics you should ignore which company is making them, and concentrate solely on finding products that are all natural.

You would be surprised how many relatively unknown companies are making products that are healthy for you to use, and far more effective than those of their more well known counterparts. Some of these unheard of products will produce simply amazing results of the nature that the more popular products cannot match.

One of the top skin care lines you have probably never heard of is brought to you by a company that is based in New Zealand. They have discovered that by combining specific keratin proteins with an extract from rare sea kelp that they can dramatically increase the amount of collagen, elastin, and hyaluronic acid that your skin produces, and maintains.

You will not get the kind of results from most of the so-called top skin care lines that you will from this New Zealand company’s products. All that it takes is a little detail to quality and less focus on money spent in manufacturing a product to make all of the difference in the world where results are concerned. Shop wisely, and you will have everything you ever dreamed of in a product.

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